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xxxxxThis is a slightly olive-skinned fellow with calm eyes and a usually pleasant demeanor. He's got black hair, slightly wavy and very thick, and is clean shaven. He's got brown eyes, and a strong, handsome face. He's not thin, and indeed looks quite fit. He's just about six feet even to the eyeball, and judging by his eyes and his thin, well-trimmed beard, he's in his early 30's, at the latest.

RP Hooks
  • Vampire - Amir is a vampire, and has a certain charm about him. More than happy to meet other vampires, or have a drink.
  • Clubbing - Amir can be frequently found hitting up the nightspots, as much as there are in Aleswich at least.
  • Mariposa's Repose - Amir is a proprietor and is frequently found (in the evening) going about filling the bird feeders and butterfly feeders, or cleaning the Mushroom Exhibit. It's found at dp04.
  • Roller/Ice Rink! - Amir also operates the local roller rink (which has an ice rink outside when it's cold enough), and can be found there from time to time doing managerial stuff here and there. He also enjoys ice-skating at times. It is at ws04.

xxxxxI just add whoever added me. If you want to show up, add me! Let me know, too. I check regularly.
Ainsley.jpg Ainsley
Too good?
Ariadne.jpg Ariadne
Met in the gardens
Just the once.
Ever1.jpg Ever
Badger badger badger...
Whip it real good.
Forbes5.jpg Forbes
Met once in the gardens.
Zombie234.JPG Jackson
The good kind...
...of brute.
Jaida1.jpg Jaida
Met in a bar
Just the once.
Tro1.jpg Khrysten
Under the table
Mariano3.jpg Mariano
A gentleman
A connoisseur
Louise 3.jpg Louise
Lovely Company
Marty2.jpg Marty
An ass
Meadow.2.jpg Meadow
Great hostess
Parties hard
x110px Muse
A one-woman herd of cats.
Nicolew3.jpg Nicole
Dr. Doctor!
Yay vitals!
Rosalind 04.jpg Rosalind
Fantastic girl.
Ulrich01.jpg Ulrich
Excellent Man.
Sharp Tack.


OdedFehr1.jpg OdedFehr3.jpg 1970 Mustang.jpg

Apparent Age: 30ish

Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Unaligned

Murderers - John Frusciante

What Are You Afraid Of (Dert Remix) - West Indian Girl

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Dead Red Head
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Presenting Sera
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The Trouble with Badgers...
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