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Token Making

Tokens are usually created by the True Fae, or by the hedge itself. However, Changelings with the 3 dot Token Maker merit are allowed to craft their own. Tokens are not easy to make, and take an incredibly long time. But the end result can certainly be worth it.

Tokens made are at 1/2 cost the total.

Step 1 - Recipe

  • To being making a token you must either acquire a recipe IC through a plot, or you must design one from scratch.
  • To design your own requires a extended Int + Occult roll. You may use library/archive merits to assist with this roll, but mundane equipment such as computers will not help.
  • You may also have other assist you with the design, as per the core assistance rules.
  • Each roll takes a day of study.
  • Target succ is 5x number of dots in token.

Step 2 - Build the Token

  • Token making requires an extended wyrd + crafts roll.
  • Each roll represents two weeks of working time.
  • Target Succ is 25x dots in the token.
  • You must work at least 8 hours a day on the token.
  • You may work up to 16 hours a day on the token. If you do this every day, you add +2 to your bi-weekly crafting roll. However, due to the demands of this schedule, nothing else may be crafted during this time.
  • Token making may only be done by a single individual and may not be assisted.
  • You may pause working and hold your accumulated successes. However, if work is not resumed within two weeks, the project is ruined and must be started again from scratch.
  • Each roll requires 1 point of glamour.
  • You may spend up to 5 more glamour per month on token making. Each point adds +1 to the crafting roll.
  • Having the workshop merit will cut crafting time in half, but you must have an appropriate workshop. (Ie. Blacksmithing for swords and armor, weaving for magic carpets, etc) The time cut in half is that you may make one roll per week instead of one roll per two weeks.


  • The desired magical effect is up to the crafter, and staff will work with them to set a reasonable dot rating.
  • The drawback and catch are approved by staff but staff works with the players to design it, but should reflect both the nature of the item and the seeming/personality of the crafter.
  • Tokens made this way cost half the total amount of the original cost.


  • Trifles are single use tokens with a limited low power effect.
  • Creating a trifle requires a single point of both glamour and willpower to be spent at the time of crafting

Token Maker can create Trifles with the following rules:

  • 5xLevel success to make a Blue print, just like a normal Token
  • One Int+Occult roll per day, needing 10xLevel success to create them.
  • All Trifles only last for 1 Moon. (Reasoning: The Wyrd is so shoddily and quickly stuffed into these trifles (which is why they break when used) that it will eventually bleed out)

General Restrictions:

No Trifle shall be above a level 3 - Because lets face it, having a one shot level 5 token would be insane and brutal.

They don't cost XP.

  • If you are acquiring Trifles via a PrP at the Market or some such, you gain at max 3 Trifles per PrP.
  • Trifles must be +requested and +noted, but they will not cost xp to create.