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Token Making

If you want to create a Token, follow these rules. Please note, these rules are brand new, and may be tweaked as we discover aspects to them that cause problems. If you have any questions, please feel free to put in a +request ATTN Hell

Tokens created this way are 1/2 off xp cost.

Need: Token Maker Merit ***


All Tokens need a Recipe. You may acquire them in one of two ways.

Option A) Market Scene - Get a PrP ST and purchase a Recipe

Option B) Research your own Recipe.

  • Extended Int+Occult, needing 3 success per level of the Token you want to create
  • Each roll is one day.
  • May take a specialty in Token Recipe
  • An Archive in Tokens can help you.


Creation requires time and determination. Also, Glamour. A lot of glamour. You can also only be making 1 token at a time.

You are tuning your Wyrd and working to infuse glamour into an object to force it to change. This is is reminiscent of the True Fae do to Changelings - they infuse the Wyrd, the laws of their realm, to a human and cause a Changeling to appear. The Lost do the same, causing a Token to be made much faster than normal, which normally takes years for the Wyrd to infuse an object.

That fact is important! This is a Clarity 7 Sin to create a Token! You are Mimicking the True Fae by /changing/ something into something else! Using said tokens is no problem, but making one, crafting one, taking on a mimicry of the True Fae is a sin of Clarity level 7!

First you must acquire or create the object.

If you create the object yourself, you know the ins and outs of it far better than just any old item you bought. This will give you an advantage on infusing it with Glamour

  • Dex or Strength + Crafts (Depending on the object being created. It could even be like Wits+Expression or something depending on what you are creating)
  • Workshop and Tools give bonuses as usual.
    • You still cannot have a Workshop specialty in Tokens. It is still dependent on the type of token you are creating.
  • You are limited to your Extended dice pool cap.
  • Each roll is one day
  • Every 5 success on this roll gives you a +1 to the Token Creation roll next, imbuing it with Glamour and the Wyrd.

Next, you infuse the object with you Wyrd.

  • This roll MUST be done in the Hedge. A Hollow is acceptable.
  • Roll Wyrd
  • Need 5xLevel Success
  • Each roll is Two Days, 8 hours of work a day
  • You must spend a number of glamour each roll equal to twice the level of the token. If you roll 12 times, for a level 4 token, you will have to provide 8 (2x level) x 12 (number of rolls), or 96 glamour. This glamour can come in the form of Pledges, personal glamour, or goblin fruit, and even friends can contribute their own personal glamour as well. Because tracking such things on a mush would be difficult, and for the thematic reason that you are preparing the item, then dropping a lot of glamour into it at once, this is all due at the very end of crafting.


-2 In the Hedge, but Outside of a Hollow (due to distractions)
+2 Created both the recipe and the object themselves, not purchased or created by other people.
+x +1 per 5 success on the creation of the object roll, as long as the object was created by the Token Creator
+1 for every 5 additional glamour spent at the end of the roll

For Example

Making a Level 2 Token, where we already have the recipe:

Rolled Str+Crafts to create a sword. Rolled for 4 days, got 17 success. This is worth +3 to the Infusing roll

Rolled Wyrd 6+3, to make a level 2 token. Need 10 successes Took 4 rolls to get enough. 8 days (2 days per roll) and 2 glamour per roll, so 8 glamour needs to be spent. Token created in a total of 12 days.

Now, wanting to make a Level 5 token, where we already have the recipie

Rolled Dex+Crafts to create a Puzzle box. Rolled for 9 days, got 40 success. +8 to the infusing roll

Rolled Wyrd 7+8 to make a level 5 token. Needed 25 success. Took 6 rolls, got 27 success. Spent 10 glamour per roll, so 60 glamour needed at the end of the time, to finalize the token. Had to ask a friend to contribute some, and used some Goblin Fruits. 12 days+9 days of crafting. 21 days to create.


  • Trifles are single use tokens with a limited low power effect.
  • You still need a Recipe, just like a normal token.
  • You roll Wyrd, needing the level of the Trifle in success, one roll per 2 days.
  • You will need to infuse a number of glamour equal to the level of the token times the number of rolls. So if it took 3 rolls to make a level 3 token, you would need to spend 9 glamour.
  • Trifles last for 1 month, due to their transitory nature and to prevent stockpiling. (Reasoning: The Wyrd is so shoddily and quickly stuffed into these trifles (which is why they break when used) that it will eventually bleed out)

General Restrictions:

No Trifle shall be above a level 3 - Because lets face it, having a one shot level 5 token would be insane and brutal.

They don't cost XP.

  • If you are acquiring Trifles via a PrP at the Market or some such, you gain at max 3 Trifles per PrP.
  • Trifles must be +requested and +noted, but they will not cost xp to create.