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You know you're White Trash when you think the last words of the Star Spangled Banner are "Gentlemen start your engines”


La Famille Buteau

  • Darla grew up in Cutter's Creek, LA among her Buteau famille with French Creole influence. Family is always comes first and she'll stop short of nothing to help out her kin.

Chop Shop.

  • Control of the family chop shop were given over to Darla at the tender age of 16 after she proved she could handle running the biz. She is an awesome mechanic and can strip a car with the best of them. (Crafts: 4 +1 Automotive)

Criminal. Status 2 - Gangster

  • Since she's been old enough to know better, Darla's been causing trouble. Besides stripping and selling hot cars, she fences and deals drugs, among other things. (Fence: 3, Status: Criminal 2, Status: Black Market 2)


  • Darla has a certain fondness for doin' and dealin' them. She doesn't deal with meth -- Joey would put her through a windshield if she did.
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  • Darla Buteau is the daughter of Lee Buteau, the brother of the infamous Dixie Senior. She grew up in Cutter's Creek alongside the other Buteau's, and she's always been just as much trouble as the rest. Lee is currently doing time and Darla is unable to see or contact him due to her own warrants in the state of LA.
  • Lee is a mechanic who chops cars on the side, and even at a very young age Darla turned out to be an utter genius when it came to mechanics and rides. She was helping her dad in the shop as soon as she could use tools.
  • At 16 she was not only running the shop, she began to head into new Orleans with her dad on the real criminal jobs, and her looks and skill began gaining her serious contacts in the field. Darla was damn good, and she was respected among the criminal community in the south.
  • Cousin Joey Lee (and his twin Jaime Lee) grew up with Darla's father Lee teaching him the ins and outs of the family "business". Joey and Darla grew very close.
  • Everything was going smoothly until the police raided the shop. Joey was able to divert the attention away from Darla who escaped going to prison because of Joey's actions. He went instead in her place. He did her time and she owes him everything for that. She is still wanted in LA for questioning regarding the shop activities.
Famille et les Amis
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La Famille

  • Joey Lee - "You're my partner in crime and I think the world of you. You went to jail for me and I owe you for that. Payment forthcoming.
  • Jaime Lee - "You mean everything to Joey, and that makes you pretty special to me."
  • Longfellow - "Glad you're back. Hope it's for a while this time."
  • Red - "Sounds like you adjusted to life outside just fine."
  • Squirrel - "You were away a long time. We have a lot of catching up to do."
  • EZ - "Preacher Man."
  • Peyton - "Yeah. If you'd just stay on your meds the world would be a better place."
  • Momma Dixie - "Glad you ain't my momma."
  • Arlene - "Stay out of my closet!"
  • Cherry - "So we did this porn together..."
  • Honore - "Which of my cousins -hasn't- been to prison is the better question."

Amis et Associés

  • Robert Graham - "Bonny and Clyde with a twist of Sid and Nancy on the side. This is going to work out just fine."
  • Julian - "You've taken me places even -I- have never been, which is saying something."

Pas Oublié

  • Dixie - "We had our differences, but I always considered you close family. Bonne Aventure Sweets."
  • Sven - "This ain't no happily ever after, for sure."
  • Jack - "I adore you. You're as close as I have to a father while my daddy's in prison. All the best."
  • Adelaide - "You're OK in my book. The weed don't hurt none either. The best to you wherever you end up."
  • Terry - "I feel connected to you because you're connected to daddy. Take care of yourself and Addy."
  • Francois - "Family Patron Saint. You may be gone from our lives but you live on forever in legend."
  • Benedict - "You got me in -so- much trouble with my cousins, I hope karma slings that one back."

Darla is a kick ass little mechanic who can strip a car like nobody's business. She and Joey Lee run Aleswich Automotive for her daddy Big Lee on the north edge of town (MT01) where you can get both legit and nefarious services alike.

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Few know but Darla has a special little trick up her sleeve -- she's a were-'coon and it only justifies her love of SHINIES all her life. She's a tricky, crafty little thief that will steal the shiny right out from under you. You've been warned.


Blurred Lines -- Robin Thicke, T.I., Pharrell

Dirty South Hustla -- Carolina Slim

No Trash In My Trailer -- Colt Ford

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Full Name: Darla Buteau
(Appears as) Darla
Birth Date: September 5, 1991
Apparent Age: 22
Occupation: Mechanic. Criminal.
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust
Residence: Paradise Park Trailer Park #21 WS14
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