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T H E  R E A C H 2009.
Contributions by staff and players: 9,420.
The Reach is hosted by Mechanipus, Inc.
Fallcoast will be opening on Sunday, June 14th at 5pm pst, 8pm EST. We will post the connection information at this time and invite people over to take a look! You may log in and reserve one name at this time and take a look around our grid!

xxxxx The Reach is going to reboot. Information about the reboot is below, and will be updated as progress is made. Here is what we know right now:

  • The basic setting has been established and is being fleshed out for gridding/descing/building. The game will be set in a pair of cities directly adjacent to one another. The larger, Fallcoast, is roughly the size of Nashville, and is designed to give space for the folks who dig the Big City themes, settings, etc. Its smaller sister city, Hanging Hills, is close enough to be considered a suburb of Fallcoast, and is designed to give space for the people who prefer to explore the small-town themes, settings, etc. The cities are coastal, further south than Aleswich, although still in Maine. There are other parts of the setting established and being fleshed out that I think people will really enjoy splashing around in as well, and once everything is firmed up and finished, I'll post an update with the whole shebang. We are deliberately keeping the setting, history and grid relatively barebones so that there is room for players to apply your own ideas and make it your own.
  • We will have families, as those have been enormously popular. They will not be the SAME families, and we are probably not going to structure them the same way the originals were structured. Ideas for Family names/themes are welcome!
  • Players can re-create PCs (dead or alive) on the rebooted game, but they will need to be updated to meet the new backstory, timeline, and setting. Basically: go ahead and file the serial numbers off an old PC if you want to explore new story with them, just make sure they fit the game.
  • All PCs will probably be starting at beginning XP levels.
  • WoD is a game of personal horror, and there are a lot of different flavors of that. For the reboot, We’ll be focusing less on Lovecraftian horror and more on classic New England folklore and legend.
  • We’ve not decided which spheres are going to be moving over - it's still a topic under debate. We have had a lot of people weigh in on that item, with various suggestions, and we're taking those into consideration while we chew it over.
  • The new themes and plot have not been decided. Again, it's still a topic under debate (a lot of this stuff is!).
  • New build jobs are frozen. All pending build jobs have been processed and no further build jobs will be accepted, including transfers or freezer jobs.
  • New applications are frozen. Anything currently in process can be approved, but no new applications will be processed.
  • XP spends WILL be processed.
  • Builds can be donated to the new grid, in exchange for shiny name-giving powahz.
  • We'll be rolling back the GMC updates and sticking with 1e. We /may/ be keeping some of the shinier GMC Merits and such, that play well with 1e without requiring HRs and tweaking to fit - that's under review.
  • Once we transition, the old grid will remain available for folks to continue to play old PCs, finish up current storylines, etc. Please note that this will not have official Staff support - but we're leaving the lights on in Aleswich for those who'd like to keep swinging in this playground.
  • @names are not being reserved for anyone, per Headstaff
  • More Options:
    • Local Families: Immediate RP Hooks and possible status benefits for your character.
    • Becoming: We allow three supernatural PCs per player and have an option for gaining a supernatural template IC.
    • Professional Training: Mortals and Mortal+ only; Professional Training gives breaks on profession related resources, skills, and specialties.
    • Cult Of Things That Must Not Be: For a little direction in your life.
    • Indebted (Demonic Pacts): Try to get something for nothing. We dare you.
    • Mystery Cults: Because some things you just can't explain.


  • Build Guide: A how-to for your build projects.
  • Equipment: Equipment guidelines and a link to the equipment in the +inv system.
  • Lairs: Rules and Information on +Lairs.
  • Relics: House rules and the Relic Crafting system.
  • Virtues and Vices: Expanded Vice and Virtues list.
  • Reference Index: This needs updating for GMC rules. Sourcebook page references. What is the durability of wood? How many succs should this extended action take? What do I roll when I'm in a car chase? How does grappling work? Where can I get a brief summary of combat? See also this basic explanation of nWoD Cosmology through thematic correspondences!
Sphere Status

xxxxxThe following list is a simple trinary chart. For in-depth information on each sphere's status, check out the wiki page for that sphere.

Changeling Closed
Changing Breeds Closed
Geist Closed
Hunter Closed
Immortal Closed
Mage Closed
The Possessed Closed
Vampire Closed
Werewolf Closed
  • Character Pages: Characters in play and how to add a character page of your own.
    • Actors Used: Played-By list.
    • Icons: For use on character pages, if so desired.
  • Player Timezones - When people are available! Please enter your information here.
  • Metaplot: OOC information about The Reach's recently concluded Metaplot.
    • Aftermath: What people from Outside Aleswich know about the recent EOTW Plot.
    • What Came After: The State of the Grid's updates after the End Plot.

RP Hooks & Storytelling