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The Family of O'Rourkes



Family Members

PC Members:
Only showing Active Members of the O'Rourke Family.

Family Status •••••

Family Status ••••

Family Status •••

Family Status ••

Family Status •

Family Status Zero

Inactive/Dead Members:

NPC Members:

  • Patrick O'Rourke -- Mid fifties, smuggler, and scoundrel of the family. Uncle from Ireland, owns a boat he transports cargo on between the US and Ireland.
  • Jeremy Forscythe O'Rourke -- Nine year old boy, adopted by the family, sleepwalker, lives with Callan's parents Connor and Heather.
  • Petra O'Rourke -- Age ten; Kelly's daughter.
  • Abernathy O'Rourke -- (Dead) Over 100 years of age, Abernathy is a Dublin O'Rourke born and raised who checks in on the family from time to time. An Awakened Obrimos he is the Adamant Sage for the Dublin Consillium, know by the shadowname Fiddler. He recently gave his life in the successful defense of Dublin during the End Of The World.
  • Loka O'Rourke -- Age 4; Aurora's daughter.
  • Lucas O'Rourke -- Age 5; Caelan's son.
  • Nora O'Rourke (nee Driscoll) -- Age 50; Galvin's maternal aunt. Has five children and five grandchildren. All of them share the same syndactyly as Galvin; it appears to be a dominant genetic mutation in the entire Driscoll bloodline.


OOC Factors


Likely spheres

Minneapolis (Staff)
Not Accepting Spheres:
  • We are also mostly closed to Hunters, because the current composition of the family makes it extremely difficult for them to be integrated. If you feel you have an idea which somehow can overcome this obstacle, you can open a +request to speak with User:Minneapolis about it, but please be aware that it is very unlikely that a Hunter app will be accepted.
Aleswich Status:
The plain-talking and dealing O'Rourkes are considered a boon to Aleswich socially, economically, and politically.
Misc. Info

Family History

The first O'Rourke arrived in the Reach from Northern Ireland on the crest of the Great Famine in 1845. While some on the ship had little to their names other than the clothes on their backs, Kierney O'Rourke didn't even own the shirt he was wearing. Throughout the next century and a half, the small family started in the New Sussex Garrison by Kierney O'Rourke would grow in numbers, producing many middle and lower class artisans and laborers; they would also produce a large number of extremely accomplished and decorated soldiers. Like ticks, the O'Rourkes have dug themselves into the 'meat and potatoes' levels of society within the Reach, backing each other up, building a large, sprawling yet close-knit family, and thoroughly integrating themselves into Aleswich and its surrounds. They also occasionally make cameo appearances at the events of the upper echelons. Many of the O'Rourke family hold positions within the Sheriff's Office and Aleswich Police Department; there are also a number with union positions on the docks. Almost every O'Rourke has some personal tie to the military; along with hard work, a fierce love of family, industriousness, fairness, and egalitarianism, military service is an O'Rourke family tradition.


xxxxxCurrently, the family is on an upswing of becoming stronger and more active again, which is wonderful. In order to keep that trend going, we're eager to have new members, and are looking for a few things from applicants. First of all, you should definitely hop on the O'Rourke channel (see instructions below) if you're interested in joining the family and talk to any of the members there, especially those with higher family status, about what would help create a lot of opportunities for good rp for you there; please talk to Siobhan, one of our OOC family contacts, and also get in touch with Minneapolis, the family staffer, about any concepts you have.

xxxxxWe're looking for people who will come in with two main characteristics: the first is to have some clear connection to the traits of the O'Rourke family as described above. It could be military history, or a commitment to a service profession (Law Enforcement is popular but other kinds of service are certainly also within the tradition), it could be a strong connection with the family's history and Irish roots, interplay around the nuances of family relationships, a powerful identification with the family's working class heritage, or anything else you see there which calls to you. There should be something you can point to in your character about which you can say, "That. That's how you know s/he's an O'Rourke."

xxxxxThe second thing we're looking for from applicants is an initial willingness/desire to engage in and promote family roleplay. Everyone does this differently - some people organize events, some people ST family-oriented PrPs, some people are around and available for family rp on the channel. We know that characters change once they hit the grid, and that RP doesn't always go in the directions planned. Not everyone will find every way of engaging with the family natural for their PC. We only ask that your concept coming in is one which at least has a good chance of promoting more family connection and interaction.

xxxxxPlease speak up if you have any questions!


  • Be sure to join the O'Rourke Channel by typing addcom or=Orourke. You can replace or with any channel alias you like. The Orourke part is case-sensitive.
  • Add the [[Category:O'Rourke]] to your character's wiki page so they show up in the O'Rourke group. This makes it much easier to keep our list here up to date.
  • To be certain you get any +Faction @mails, contact Minneapolis, Siobhan, or Flynn to be added to +Faction O'Rourke.
  • Family Tree (Under Construction!) can be found ->here<-.

Family Holdings

O'Rourke Firearms and Indoor Shooting Range


The O'Rourke family founded the range in December of 1984 when Thomas O'Rourke, a native dock worker and third generation O'Rourke, saw a need for such an establishment in contemporary Aleswich. Ownership changed hands in the summer of 2011 when Thomas passed away leaving the shop to his nephew Callan, who opened the shop and gunsmithing section. With Callan's departure it passed hands to Justice O'Rourke, and then passed on to Marilyn after Justice's departure. Please contact Marilyn regarding possible IC employment or gunsmithing/armoring services.

Location: WS08
The Family House

O'Rourke Family Home.jpg

xxxxxSet here in the middle of historical Aleswich a triple story Colonial style home from the 1800s has been fully restored and kept in good condition. White pillars support a second floor balcony. The exterior of the home covered in river rock, broken by numerous windows on both floors to allow in plenty of natural light. Several windows are half submerged in cubby holes in the ground allowing natural light to the basement set beneath the home.

xxxxxA ten foot brick wall topped with two foot wrought iron spikes surrounds the property. A large, flat yard covered with well-tended groomed landscaping and trees are run through by a cobblestone driveway. The circular driveway ends in front of the home while a detached six car garage to the right hand of the house is accessed by a walkway leading from it to a side door of the home.

xxxxx In the back behind the house is a small one bedroom guest house which is currently unoccupied.

Location: Gated Driveway MT04
Who Lives there: Flynn O'Rourke

Status Bonus

• - You know a little bit about the family's business dealings and know a lot about the Reach and docks specifically. You receive a +1 bonus to all Academics, Investigation, Occult and Streetwise rolls used specifically to learn about what’s going on specifically in the Reach.

•• - Due to the military training every male and some female members of the O'Rourke family are encouraged to partake of after graduating high-school, members of this family get the 2 dot merit Combat Awareness for free.

••• - The family's destiny begins to shape you at this level. You are fully attuned with the rest of your family and its place in the Reach. So long as you are within the Reach, due to your intimate understanding of your place in Dunlin's Reach, you may select from and purchase the merits Trained Observer, either Fighting Style: Marksmanship OR Fighting Style: Archery, as well as Fighting Style: Martial Arts for 1/2 the cost to a minimum of 1. You may also purchase the skills Occult, Stealth, and Survival at 2x the new level (as opposed to 3x).

•••• - You are now told about the real history of the family; all of the stories that you were told about when you were younger are now brought into greater focus. At this level you become further entrenched into the nuances and varying legacies of your ancestors and are granted the tools to continue on their traditions. As a result, all Sin-Eaters automatically gain a level 3 Memento, all Mages gain a level 3 Artifact, Imbued Item, or Enhanced Item. Immortals gain a level 4 Relic. Shifters and Werewolves gain a level 3 Fetish. All other templates receive a level 4 relic. These items are passed down from the elder members of the family to the next generation.

••••• - At this level you are intrinsically linked to the family and have begun to unravel the Mysteries that are centered around the O’Rourke’s past and present. As a result, you gain access to a rank 4 mentor within your supernatural sphere with the express purpose of further honing your skills and aptitude along the paths of Magic or Spectral leanings.

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Diving Back Into Aleswich

O'Rourke Family

xxxxxThe first O'Rourke's arrived in the Reach not long after the start of the Irish Potato Famine in 1845, a small family of Irish immigrants with little more than the clothes on their backs. Fast forward 155 years and they've become a fixture in the lower and middle class districts of the city. They're dug in like ticks on the docks, as foremen, supervisors, and dock workers alike. They also own the only firing range and one of the few firearms stores in the town. While not a wealthy family, they have each other's backs; they're solid blue collar middle class workers, often holding positions within the sheriff’s office and APD, along with their positions on the docks. The family is comprised of plenty of veterans, as many of the younger folk spend time in the military, a family tradition encouraged by the older members of the family for most of the younger men.

xxxxxAssociated Sphere: Mortal, Psychic/Thaumaturges, Geist, Immortal and Mage

xxxxxMembers: Please see full list at O'Rourke Family

xxxxxContact: OOC Contacts: Siobhan O'Rourke or Family Staffer: User:Minneapolis

xxxxxAmiable Families: Dunlin, Fabre, Landace, Milner

xxxxxFamily Enmity: Bryce, Grennich, Roth

xxxxxAleswich Status: The plain-talking and dealing O'Rourkes are considered a boon to Aleswich socially, economically, and politically.

xxxxxRecruiting Status: Yes, please inquire.

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