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Sapphyra (Pyra) Jamison
Seeming fairest.pngCourt spring.pngIronspire.png

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!”


If you would like to arrange a scene with Pyra, please send an 'at mail', or leave a note on my Schedule page.

Date of Birth: 31st January 1985
Apparent Age: 20's
Occupation: Dancer
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Lust

Motley: None
Court: Spring
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering/Dancer
Freehold: None
Former Keeper: The Ringmaster

Jamiroquai - Just Dance

Dance, yeah, Nothing left for me to do but dance! All these bad times I'm going through, Just dance! hey, Got canned heat in my heels tonight, baby...

Taxi Doll - Give You More go, let me take you to the other side… where all you need no longer has a place to hide...

Into The Night - Santana Like a piece to the puzzle that falls into place, You could tell how we felt from the look on our faces, we was spinning in circles with the moon in our eyes, The room left them moving between you and I, We forgot where we were and we lost track of time, And we sang to the wind as we danced through the night


If you want to live, let live. If you want to go, let go. I'm not afraid to dream, to sleep, sleep forever. I don't need to touch the sky. I just want to feel that high, And you refuse to lift me.

Guess it wasn't real after all. Guess it wasn't real all along.

If I fall and all is lost, It's where I belong.

If you want to live, let live. If you want to go, let go. I'm never gonna be your sweet, sweet surrender.

Guess it wasn't real after all. Guess it wasn't real all along.

If I fall and all is lost, No light to lead the way, Remember that all alone is where I belong.

In a dream, Will you give your love to me? Beg my broken heart to beat, Save my life, change my mind.

If I fall and all is lost. No light to lead the way. Remember that all alone is where I belong.

Cloud Nine - Evanesence

RP Hooks

Parlour de Venus: One of the owners and instructors at The Parlour de Venus. If you'd like to learn how to dance, contact Pyra or Rilayen.

Dancing: I love to dance. It is my life. From ballet to belly dance, I have pretty much tried my hand at as many different styles a I can. Come and dance with me.

Acrobatics: Having spent many years in the circus, I'm pretty good with some hanging silks or a trapeze. Would you like to learn?

Changeling: I have been one for many years, now. Perhaps we could have a chat about that sometime?

Spring Court: I'm not terribly familiar with the freehold, but I am trying to meet more and more of my kind.

High Society: Oh, you thought I was a stripper? No, that's not what I do. I'm an Exotic Dancer, and I don't just dance for anyone.



Golden Man: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey, you'll never know dear, how much I love you, so please don't take my sunshine away.

Fluffy Birdy:Cuddling you is like curling up with a fluffy, warm winter blanket that's full of fun and sweetness.


Sweet Dolphin: Wow... Uh, you're really nice. I'm keeping you.

Beautiful Giantess: Gentle giant and sweet friend. I'm so glad that the Bunny let me meet you!

Not A Fish: You have been there for me when I have been scared, happy, frightened, joyous... Through so very much. If one day I can find a way to show you how grateful I really am, I'm sure I'll find you straight away.

Baron: I'm very glad you're back, Mr. Watson. You've been away too long.

Bryar: It's nice to have a friend who I can work so well with and never expects anything but friendship.

Doc Clock: I like you, a lot. You just tell it how it is and you're such a lady. So pretty.

Ice King: You're so hard on the outside, but that soft, sweet center is what I really adore.

Frosty The Snowman: We live in two different worlds, you and I. Part of me wishes I could show you a happier state of being, the rest of me knows it's just who you are. An enigma I don't think I have an answer to.

Gypsy Man: Sing us the song, your the gypsy man! And I'm very glad that I will one day be able to call you family. I completely understand now, why Justin speaks of you with such love and warmth.

Dragon Rider: You are both funny, charming and so entirely handsome, all in one. I can't wait to get to know you better.

Kaleb: Charming devil. You scare me. No one seduces me so easily.

Oh, Father: I hope you have been sleeping well, Father?

Bruce: I owe you my life. How does one ever repay a debt like that?

Otter My Way: I'm sorry, that must have been very uncomfortable for you. I will try and make it up to you.

Marco: I can't help but adore you and your naughty mind. You never cease to make me smile.

Peter Rabbit: I really just wanted to pet your twitchy little nose.

Glitch: Well, that wasn't at all what I was expecting, but you can come and play with me anytime you like.

Porter: You seem nice. I'd like to get to know you better.

Iola: I'd like to say it was nice to meet you, but I prefer to keep company with ladies.

Ginger: Have you ever met Iola? I bet you and her would be really great friends.

Gone, Never Forgotten

Rilayen: Did I do something wrong? Did I say something wrong? Where have you gone, my love? I am so worried about you.

Beauregard: I'm not quite sure I understand you, but I do have empathy for you.

Marcell: You will live on forever in my heart and I promise, I will never forget. I adored you so much.

Paul: I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night, and still have begged for more.

Einar: You did not deserve the fate that was dished. I so sorry.

Fire Angel: I miss you, so much, Fire Angel. Please, come back.

Benedict: You are a refreshing calm in a vicious storm. Thank you.

Virginia: And just when I thought I had you back...

Foxy: I was right about you and he died without someone special before of you. I don't know if I can every forgive you...

Hunt: I'm sad that you left and hope you have found something that makes you happy.

Darius: I am never, ever going to understand why you were taken from me. Life is never fair, but that was a very hard blow.

Panda-Bear: You will be missed, Panda friend.

Joseph: Welcome to the Garden of Eden. Please, do taste the apples, they are very sweet all year round.

Prudence: I don't know how I could have been frightened of you, you are so lovely. I wish you best of luck as the Spring Queen of the Knell, I just can't give you what you're asking for, I'm sorry.

Pomona: More pie please!

Funny Bunny: I really thought you understood me. Maybe I was wrong. What did I do, Funny Bunny, for you to think so low of me?

Cuddly Stone Man: You have the sweetest heart, the kindest soul and the broadest shoulders that I've ever seen!

Sheila: Your words both inspire and scare me at the same time. So much to do, so little time to do it in.

Pretty Butterfly: Whisper me this, whisper me that, who's afraid of the chick with blue eyes? Yeah... me too!


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